Flying Pole

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Flying Pole is a very unique form of aerial art.
It’s unique in the because it combines pole fitness with aerial skills to create an innovative and exciting performance technique.

The training incorporate a wide range of flips, tricks and jumps, with slides, climbs and dance, all while suspended on a free-hanging vertical dance pole that’s hanging from the ceiling!

There are only few studios in Hong Kong that offer those type of classes and we in Fitness in Motion happy to be one of the unique spaces to teach this unique art .

Classes are conducted by Xpole master trainer . ( Xpole Master trainers)

Check our full schedule for kids & adults classes HERE 

Flying pole - ready to fly

Some may think that those classes are same like a pole dancing class .
Although there might be some similar artistic elements the flying pole training have two elements that the other don’t.

The Flying Pole Spin

The first element is that the pole spins.
That means that you have to learn how to control weight distribution.
In aerial arts this is a crucial element as this controls the speed of the spin and affects the clarity of the movement.

The Pole Stability

To be more precise – the lack of it.
Because the pole connected only to the ceiling it is not stable .
This requires to build a lot of upper body and core strength in order to stay on it.

This combinations make flying pole classes challenging and fun BUT also develop an artistic approach to movement .

Kids classes?

That is correct !

We have opened pole classes for kids ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 15 and they have so much fun hanging , climbing and spin on the poles.
Those kind of classes are rarely found in Hong Kong ( Especially for kids ) so we want to open it for kids to practice .