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Fitness in Motion Bollyfit classes are a fusion of Cardio and Aerobic dance moves that are synchronised to Bollywood Music at 200 beats per minute. 
Bollyfit is a form of intense and fun session combining dance and high intensity training .

Bollyfit classes are super energetic and fun and you can break real sweat dancing to a groovy Bollywood-Hindi music.

According to some sources , Bollyfit is one of the fastest caloric burning activities while training dancing in the same time .

So for those of you love to dance and want to burn substential amount of calories – this class will definetly leave you breathless .

With that if you enjoy burning calories while dancing – we guarantee you will lose a lot of them during the class and you will not miss them .

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Fitness in Motion Bollyfit FOR EVERYONE

In order to have wider range of classes and the request of having bollyfit classes in Tung Chung ,
We in Fitness in Motion decided to bring on board one of Hong Kong’s BEST Bollyfit instructors. 
We have partnered with ‘ World Dance Company ‘ and brought on board the amazing Hitesh Amarnani.
Our members find Bollyfit classes fun and ending them up breathless 

Meet your Fitness in Motion Bollyfit instructor

Hitesh is one of the leading Bollyfit dancers and instructors in Hong Kong .
Through his dancing carrier Hitesh has participated in many international as well as local dance shows and videos including a BGT 2106 performance in the semi finals .
Hitesh is HIGHLY energetic and his classes are highly paced and extremely fun .
We encourage both kids and adults to join our Bollyfit classes – so don’t miss out the opportunity to train with one of the BEST Bollyfit instructors around that now available conveniently here in Tung Chung