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Fitness in Motion boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and other protective equipment such as hand wraps and mouth guards, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.

No worries though in our classes we are not going to through you into a ring or punch each other !
We will start from the basic and teach you how to punch , how to move , how to position and different boxing combinations.

All boxing classes will include working with punching bags, pad works , foot work , technique and specific boxing cardio conditioning.

Find the full kids and adults classes schedule HERE.

Fitness in Motion Boxing classes for kids and adults in Tung Chung

Since Fitness in Motion open its doors on Feb 2021 , Boxing classes both for kids and adults became very popular .
We have brought on board few highly experienced boxing coaches to run both the kids and the adults classes .
For those of you that are less experienced in boxing or want to try a new workout – we invite you to give boxing a go. 
Boxing classes are structured so you can both get the conditioning and elevated fitness level as well as practice specific professional boxing workout .
This is how usually a boxing class goes :

Warmup and Conditioning

In a boxing class you will find yourself active through all the class so it is important to have a proper warmup as well as some strengthening drills .
This will help you to build better stamina and endurance as well as better punching force generation .

Boxing Technics

In this part the boxing coach will cover some practical boxing technics and combinations .
As this is a boxing class and not ‘boxing fitness ‘ we want you to build a proper skillset and not just throw punches to burn calories .
Obviously after the explanation comes the practice part where the real work starts .

Punching Bag Practice

Being the ONLY boxing club in tung chung where you have the opportunity to work properly on a punching bag – you have a chance to dig in !
Take all the technics you have learned in the boxing class and start practicing them on the bag full on . This will not only improve your technic but burn hell lot of calories ( so if you are trying to lose weight – boxing is a great class for you to add in your schedule ) .

Boxing Pad Work

During the boxing class each member will work few times with the coach on the pads.
Pad work is important so you can develop accuracy , speed , response as well as allow the coach to correct your movement .
This is where you will have a chance to work a bit under pressure and follow specific practical combinations . 


In the last part of the boxing class members will be working with each other in a light sparring : to practice what they have learned .
This is the real deal so remember to keep your hands up!

Is Boxing class suitable for complete beginners ?

Most of our clients in boxing classes started as complete beginners .
Our instructors will modify their teaching to each individual and support you form the starting point .
The important thing is for you to show up .
Our boxing coaches will handle the rest !