Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
If you have been struggling with losing weight in the last 6-12 month and nothing has changed then this post is for you

Couple of days ago I have bumped into a client of mine who I have been working with 3 years back.

I met him on my way to the studio at 5:30 in the morning and he was going to his regular hike .

I was sad to see that in those years I haven’t seen him – he didn’t lose any weight ( although he really wanted ) and even worse – he got bigger .
Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
So that got me thinking – to go out so early in the morning for a walk or a hike takes a lot of determination ( hell – I tried to exercise in the morning and I couldn’t like for ever ) – so if he is so determined : how come he didn’t loose any weight ?
As sad as it is – the main reason for not succeeding in a weight loss process – is that people prefer to do what is EASY but not what is NEEDED !
What I mean is that for most of the people – going to a walk or a hike comes easier that changing self sabotage patterns.
However here is the problem with the easy choices – they might bite you in the butt – here is why :
Most of the time when people try to lose weight they start with intensive walking , running or hiking – as this is the easiest way to go …
The challenge is though in most cases people that carry a lot of extra weight create posture deviation that impacts the lower extremities joints starting from the hips to the knees and ankles – so most of the time they complain about lower back pain , knee pain or poor ankle mobility ..
When deviation is created – the body adapts to the WRONG alignment and activation !
So running or hiking with miss-alignment and muscle compensation makes things much worse .
Yes – it probably burns calories – but if the weight haven’t changed for some time then it doesn’t really matter is it ?
So what should you do if nothing in your weight has changed for some time ?
Simple !
Do what needed and put the efforts in the areas that does make the difference .
Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
Unfortunately , people tend to chose the easy way out for two reasons :
1. It gives them the PERCEPTION of doing something towards their goal though deep inside they know they are ‘ driving on neutral ‘ .
2. It is easy and they don’t have to deal with the real problem .
Yes yes – people that SAY they want to lose weight tend to cheat themselves and do things that does not help them lose weight just to fail themselves…
Crazy I know…
How ?
Because in 100% of the times when people actually dealt with what they should – they have succeeded.
Now here is question for you to think about :
Why do you keep on doing the things that don’t work and put all this effort into something that you predominantly fail yourself in?
When you will find the answer to this question – the rest of the process will be easy.
MAke your efforts count