Does your nutritionist cares about your weight loss ?

When was the last time your doctor called you to ask how is your health ?

If you are lucky to get one – keep this doctor close as you don’t find them so often if at all .

<H3> The truth is this : </H3>
you come to the doctor with a problem , he gives you an immediate solution , you shell out few hundred if not few thousand bucks and … off you go.

Unfortunately one of my clients shared similar story – but this time it was with a nutritionist .
You see – she desperately wanted to lose weight as she planed for a second baby knowing that she is not in a healthy weight .
She turned to a nutritionist ( and an expensive one ) with expectation that she will get the help and support she needs to get to her target weight .

<H3> So what happened ? </H3>
She got a meal plan from the nutritionist and all the information she needs in order to make it .
The problem is though : information doesn’t make any difference .
She followed the meal plan – yet very quickly went off track due to the existing lifestyle and got 0 support from her nutritionist.
The nutritionist claimed that she need to do the work – and that’s about it.
Few thousand $ gone and the weight stayed the same !

Yesterday she finally came to a consultation so we can figure out what is not working .
I am not a certified nutritionist but I do know a thing or two about human behaviour. ( I am certified behaviour change specialist 🙂 – yes there is such a thing ).

<H3> It took us 30 minutes </H3>
1. To map the situation .
2. Understood the challenges.
3. Created a plan on how to change the current situation.
Thats the only way to break through stagnation .

With anyone I work with my commitment is to get them to their target weight at any cost.
I support them through the whole process no matter what the challenges are.
Yes – they are the ones to do the work but they are never alone in the process and I will bug them until they succeed.
( or they will tell me to stop – haha ) .
So if you want me to bug you too until you succeed in your weight loss process – you know where to find me.

Nutritionist and weight loss