Our Team

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
Maxim Minin

Maxim Minin

  • Owner and founder of Fitness in Motion .
  • Certified Weight loss & behavior change specialist.
  • Over 8 years of fitness and martial arts experience.
  • NASM certified personal trainer 
Krav Maga - Leon Leung

Leon Leung

  • G1 Israeli self defence coach ( IKMF ) .
  • Certified International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) Civilian Krav Maga Adults and Kids Instructor with 7 years practice experience.
  • Over 18 years of corporate leadership roles with mentoring and coaching experiences.
  • Passion in sharing practical evolving knowledge by helping people from all walks of life and ages, “so that one may walk in peace”
Rodrigo Caporal

Rodrigo Caporal

  • Founder and head coach of Espada BJJ Hong Kong
  • Professional MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter 
  • Over 12 years of coaching BJJ around Asia Pacific
  • Over 14 awarded titles in international competitions both in BJJ and MMA .
FIM - Vincent Sit

Vincent Sit

  • Over 7 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience  .
  • Professional competitor in BJJ competitions in USA and Asia .
  • Martial arts practitioner including Boxing , Muay Thai and wrestling.
  • Over 3 years experience coaching BJJ for kids .
FIM - Ted Huang

Ted Heung

  • Over 10 years Muay Thai and MMA fighting experience .
  • International competition participant in HK,China & Japan : Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA & Muay Thai .
  • Trained in Muay Thai fighting camps in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore & USA .
  • Certified body building coach
FIM-Natasha Clausen

Natasha Clausen

  • Certified Antigravity aerial yoga, suspension fitness and kids aerial yoga coaching .
  • Diploma Personal Fitness Training Excercise
    Teachers Academy South Africa.
  • Certified Post and prenatal yoga instructor.
  • Over 20 years yoga coaching experience and over 8 years aerial yoga coaching experience.
Cyrl Azur

Cyrl Azur

  • Dancing since age of 4 .
  • Trained in Cheerleading, Jazz, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop
  • Competed and coached high school dance team in HK Games for 4 consecutive years.
  • Appearances for local and international artists music videos and advertisements.
Liz Kainzer

Liz Kainzer

  • Certified Yoga instructor .
  • Over 3 years experience of yoga coaching and practice 
  • Family Yoga instructor the Mira Hotel.
  • Asana , Pranyama and meditation practitioner.
FIM - Grania Choy

Grania Choy

  • HKYA-ACIA 200 TTC – Yoga Instructor .
  • Yoga Wheel TTC 
  • Over 5 years yoga coaching .
  • Certified pilates & physiotherapy coach.
Lok Yuen

Lok Yuen

  •  Certified World Boxing Council ( WBC) L2 advanced trainer.
  • Over 3 years boxing coaching experience .
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA practitionair and competetor.
  • Experienced with kid and adults coaching
Gloria Lam

Gloria Lam

  • 200hrs RYT & 50hrs aerial yoga instructor
  •  Theater & classical jazz, ballet dancer
  • CSTD certified teacher, jazz & ballet teacher
  • passionate & love in sharing yoga & dance. Believe in “life affects life”.
FIM - Garic Choy

Garic Choy

  • Over 15 years of Capoeira practice and training around the world
  • Certified Box’n burn academy – Level 2
  • Over 10 years of boxing experience .
  • NASM certified Women’s Fitness Specialist
FIM - Marta Bosch Badia

Marta Bosch Badia

  • Qualified Polestar Mat Pilates instructor .
  • Qualified Polestar small prop CEC.
  • Qualified Pre Natal & Post Natal Polestar CEC.
  • Over 15 years experience in fitness and pilates coaching 
Charlene Suarez

Charlene Suarez

  • Fitness group classes specialist .
  • Functional training coach.
  • Boxing based HIIT workouts .
  • Professional Weight Lifter 
ITA - Larry Ramos

Larry Ramos

  • Over 20 years professional dancing experience .
  • Certified Zumba instructor
  • Elite Pilloxing instructor.
  • Over 5 years experience teaching Aerial arts 
Dan Berredo

Dan Barredo

  • Solo Male HK World Salsa Champion.
  • Dancer & Choreographer – Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata .
  • Latin Dancesports Teacher & Competitor – Samba, Chacha, Rumba, Jive, Pasa Doble. 
  • Events Organizer – Weddings, Birthdays, Product Launching, Corporate Events.
FIM - Lauren Beare

Lauren Beare

  • Graduating from one of London’s most prestigious Musical Theatre Colleges, .
  • Worked as a dancer professionally for over 15 years As well as Stage Productions, Theatre Tours and Casino Shows in both Las Vegas, USA, Japan and Macau .
  • Appeared in multiple commercial and corporate events worldwide and featured in shows onboard several renowned cruise lines including P&O and luxury liner MS Asuka II, Japan. 
  • Moved to Hong Kong in 2018, since then she worked as a freelance dancer, performing in shows and events for well know brands such as Porsche, Cadillac, Hennessy, Art Basel, Sands Entertainment Macau & many more.
Dionina Cruz

Dionina Cruz

  • Certified Zumba instructor .
  • Over 3 year teaching dancing classes around Hong Kong 
  • Specialising in Latin , Hip hop, Kpop & Rock .
  • Bringing high energy and party spirit to each class