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Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Exercise!!! Never used to believe in this word. In October, 2017, I suddenly started with dizziness and sever Migraine. I approached Neurologist and He advised me to take medicine, rest and exercise. My stamina was also not up to the mark. I could not able to climb stairs beyond 2-3 floors I use to go for long walks and started with yoga as well but nothing was working for me. During that period my friend introduces me to Maxim. Now almost its four month I am doing group session with him and I cannot believe the affect on my stamina. Morning workout helps me to remain energetic whole day and I have reduced weight and got back in shape. Thank you very much for your guidance and efforts you are putting in each of us for our benefits and better health."​

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Fitness training with Maxim has always been a pleasure. 3 month of joining and i can see and feel the results . It its not only about fitness training but also a nutrition guidance and support . I would recommend Fitness in Motion for those who really want to bring a positive change to their lives.!

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Max is an excellent fitness trainer and has vast knowledge of his profession. The variety and challenges he puts into his sessions are really enjoyable and makes the workout very effective. He insists that correctness of posture and motion is maintained at all times to get maximum results.My fitness has increased noticeably and I have seen improvement in my ability to do more than I could."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Very professional. Delivered much more then I've expected. Could overcome one of my disabilities with the training. Highly recommended!"

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


I'm so glad I have found Max. He is always positive, encouraging and supportive. I love our training as it is made me so much more confident about my body. Max knows his profession and has an excellent understanding of the human body as well as psyche. I highly recommend anyone who wants to feel good about themselves to try training with Max."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


With regular training I really became aware of my potential at fitness while training with Max. I saw results in the first 10 sessions and found that I have progressed rapidly in my endurance and strength."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


My back pain issues bothered me for over 4-5 years; and probably felt this would be lifelong. Multiple visits of physio; over 50 sessions with Chiro also did not make a reasonable impact. I was determined to get this fixed and get back to my sporting activities. I was lucky when found Maxim. The change within the first weeks was remarkable. I have felt energetic, focused, cared less about my back and at the same time I started to see the change for the good. I was able to tone and flex my body in a much better and focused way. It’s like a body rejuvenation regime that one must go through to understand how much can improve from where you currently are."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Grateful for taking part of the training program with Max as after few sessions I started feel toned and excited to continue chasing my weight loss goal."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Maxim is a superb trainer who knows his stuff very well..I know how much I have improved in terms of strength,stamina and posture after training with him."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Fitness in motion is the best thing to have happened Since I moved to HK. Thrice a week, it's one hour of challenging, yet super fun workout routines. What makes it interesting for me is the group energy, new routines every time, often pushing us out of comfort zone, yet it's absolutely satisfying when we manage to huff and puff through it all,always ready for new set. Thank you Maxim. Hats off to your commitment and sincerity. I strongly recommend fitness in motion for all those committed to healthier and happier lives."​

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


My daughter is with coach Maxim for nearly an year. He is well experienced, knowledgeable and motivational, and great with teens. He gives his clients confidence that they've limitless potential and nothing is out of reach if they're willing to do. The fitness routine helped my daughter to focus on creating solid habits. No matter what goal you've pursuing (weightloss, building muscles, stamina), if you are thinking about changing your life habits to be healthier I recommend him strongly."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Tailor-Made programmes to suit individual fitness requirements. Great Motivation and relentless push to achieve your goals. I was evading Max's invitation from last 2 years and now regret it to start so late. Each session i feel better than before and feels that I am taking care of myself."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Recently moved to Singapore , I have been in Max’s consulting and training for a shade less than a year. I have been able to achieve my goals that I set for myself. I can vouch for Max’s professionalism and personal support to help achieve my goals! His level of commitment is more than 100%. All the best for 2019 and beyond Max!"

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Your commitment to individual client's needs and your professionalism is remarkable. A personal testimony from me - who worked out with you for 5 months and saw a superb, positive change in my physique with your tailor-made workouts. Sad, that I had to quit due to relocation out of HK. The BEST personal trainer."

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer


Great planning for full body training during the full week. If he makes it strenuous on holidays, he covers up it for on weekdays. This helps the body also to recover and get ready for next session. Anybody looking at full body workout should join the sessions. Thanks Max and good luck!"

Eunice Lam Review


Joined the studio for two months and I love it! I love the varieties of classes you can choose from and the schedule fits me well! Maxim is a great trainer and I love his functional conditioning classes. He is funny, motivated, he gives great advice and his classes are never the same. Thanks to him I was able to organise my work out and move it in the right direction

Manan Jhaveri Review


My trainer at Fitness in Motion , Maxim Is one of the best trainer in the fitness world of Tung Chung , Great Motivator & reciprocates to push you to your capacity & beyond , I would recommend him & other trainers in Fitness in Motion for sure.

Flavia Rodrick Review


Maxim surely changed my perspectives of fitness, healthy lifestyle and discipline. He is amazing, very passionate, looks after each participant and is always supportive. The sessions are enjoyable, beneficial and makes me feel much more energetic. The participants are fun and supportive of each other.Anyone wanting to build strength, stay fit and healthy should join him. Thank you Max.

Richard Saldanha


Max has been a great influence in making fitness enjoyable yet effective. He blends the right levels of skill, attention and professionalism to get results. I have been training with him since May and am feeling better, eating healthier and most importantly doing this in a sustained way. Highly recommended if you want a no frills, super effective consultant/trainer.

Kirti Saldanha


Toned down and lost over 8 kgs! The best thing about Maxim is that all his exercises during each session are well planned and executed. He is extremely punctual and never ever misses a session. He always focuses on building the core first rather than starting with the more high intensive exercises immediately. He insists on pushing your limits and is a very positive influence during the sessions. He always emphasises on leading a healthy lifestyle and has a good knowledge of good food habits and the right diets. My last 6 months with his help have made me healthier and have brought in a great lifestyle change to my life! Thank you Max.

Nitesh Agrawal


Working with Fitness in Motion coach Max for some time now . Max provides comprehensive fitness training including challenging physical activities, diet plans and motivation to keep going. Additionally, bonus is fun environment and lively groups. This has helped me to follow good fitness routine and I have lost more than 10 kg in weight so far.