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The secret of adaptation made simple
fitness in motion

In this article I want to elaborate why so many people getting frustrated with their weight loss process that leads them in the end to give up or worse – gain all their weight back.

Have you ever heard the stories about secret ‘ Shakes’ that by drinking them you can lose weight and live happily ever after ?

I am sure you have …

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
How many stories have you heard though of people that have used those magic ‘ Shakes ‘ and at some point their gain everything back or even worse : BOUNCED pass their initial weight … How come ? Are the magic ‘ shakes ‘ to blame ? The answer is………. NO . Here is why . There are many brands and companies in the market that produce meal replacements or supplementation shakes that contain high nutrition value with LOW CALORIC content . From a weight loss perspective – that’s a home run : exactly what you are looking for . ( By the way – that’s how those companies continue selling their secret ‘shakes’ – your caloric intake drop and you obviously lose weight , so you are happy to continue using it ). Now let’s get back to reality . Step one in the process of weight loss is of course creating this caloric deficit : Intake less than you expend kind of a deal . However you have to remember : your body is very good in preservation of life : which means – if you start changing the status quo – it adapts … it is true for how much calories your body burns as well.. Lets take a look on simple number example to make it clear :
fitness in motion

Lets say for example you intake 2000 calories / day
Lets also assume that you burn 1800-2000 / day .
In that situation – your weight kind of going to be the same …
now you make a decision to take control of your diet and intake only 1200 Kcal / day …

Boom : Intake = 1200 , Expenditures : 1800 : 1200-1800 = -600 Kcal deficit.
Congratulations : You are on the path to lose weight .

Now for a while you will lose weight fast : theoretically 1 kg in 12 days .

At some point your body will wake up and say :
‘Hey hey hey … you are not giving me enough fuel … I will show you …. ‘
and BAM – it becomes more efficient and burning less calories / day … so now instead of 600 deficit you will be at 500 …

The longer the process goes – the better your body adjust to your intake and it will always try to bring the caloric expenditure to equalise it with the intake.

That is the reason why initial weight loss is easily achieved – but then the real struggle begins and many people when getting to the plateau either give up OR stop whatever they did to get their and get back to their normal eating habits , which spikes their caloric intake and the weight is easily gained back.

Fitness In Motion Your Personal Trainer
Don’t get so gloomy though … Here are some strategies you can use in order to not get stuck or if you get stuck – keep the progress going : 1. Keep your body guessing – when the body adjusts – you adjust … if your caloric deficit works and weight is going down thats good – but when you see it has slowed down or stopped then start looking at other aspects that affect your metabolism : for example – exercise intensity , sleep , stress , daily movement , etc… 2. Don’t go into starvation mode : Common mistake that people do is that they want to get to caloric deficit so much – that they cut too much in calories . What happens then is the body goes to a super protection mode – and instead of using fat as fuel it STORES it – again due to the protective nature of it . So you end up gaining fat instead of losing it. 3. Eat more , move more : Its much better to eat a little bit more BUT outbalance it with more movement as well – not only exercise but being more active thpouhgt the day . 4. Never give up – the worst thing you can do is to say ‘ I didn’t get what I wanted so I will just stop ‘ – because I can GUARANTEE it will not bring you the results either. Make sure to stay consistent and win the battle of weight loss ,